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What is the true rate of time in the field of gravity? The question is not so simple - the right scientific answer will give the key to understand and control gravity.

Two scientific revolutions in physics took place in 20th century - Quantum theory and Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.

Albert Einstein showed to the mankind that time and space are interrelated and reflect one physical phenomenon – space-time. In his General Theory of Relativity (GTR) he explained gravity as the curvature of space-time and he tried to combine quantum theory and general relativity to create a uniform theory of gravity. However Einstein was not successful.

The exact answer to the question whether there is gravitational time dilation or gravitational time acceleration is the key answer to understand the phenomenon of gravitation and to control gravity.

The connection between gravitation and time is the fundamental question in the GTR. The Einstein’s standpoint is that time goes slower in the field of gravity. But the GTR doesn’t provide the theoretical key how to control gravity.

You studied physics at school, but probably you forgot and we have to remind you what is in all textbooks on physics - gravitational time dilation is considered to be a proven physical fact.

Many experiments were conducted to test gravitational time dilation from 1960-s till the present times: the Paund-Rebka experiment, the Shapiro experiment, the measurements made by the GPS, the modern researches of Chou-Hume-Rosenband-Wineland, Poli-Oates-Gill-Tino etc. – all of them do not prove gravitational time dilation because of several very important scientific reasons.

In 1971 Hafele and Keating conducted the flight of several atomic clocks on the planes around the Earth and compared the readings (the rate of time course) of atomic clocks onboard aircraft with the readings of clocks on the Earth before and after the flight. By the way, HP supported that project financially and it took the place in the textbooks and history of science (yes, the internet was not invented at that time, but it was a good commercial ad for HP also). Now it is believed that the measurement results of the Hafele-Keating experiment confirm gravitational time dilation. This experiment is in all modern textbooks on physics.  But nobody paid attention that the real measurement accuracy of the onboard atomic clocks (in the Hafele-Keating experiment) was only ±1х10^-11 and the expected value of gravitational time dilation was 10^-12 according to the GTR. In other words, from the scientific point of view, it is not a reliable and valid experimental fact about the true rate of time in the field of gravity.

We have to point out that till now the Hafele-Keating experiment is the only one experiment providing the direct comparison of the atomic clocks readings. All other the experiments (except the Hafele-Keating experiment) were carried out with optical clocks (lasers/masers) but not with atomic clocks. They were carried out not to measure the atomic clocks readings (the comparison of the measurements of the atomic oscillations) but to measure the ratio of the frequencies of two lasers. Thereby all these experiments measured the gravitational red shift of spectral lines but not the rate of time course in the conditions of different gravitational potentials.

Since then the mankind (and global conventional science) thinks that there is the dilation of time in the gravitational field – gravitational time dilation. But there is no any substantial progress in understanding gravity and there is no even a theoretical way for the gravitation control technology to be created.  

Our scientific team insists that till now there is no even one physical fact as the direct experimental or measurement data that can prove gravitational time dilation. Gravitational time dilation is just the hypothetical physical effect of the GTR that does not have a verified valid measurement till the present time. By the way, if you (or your expert) disagree with this statement  -  we will pay $ 100 000 as an official prize to any expert if this expert proves the gravitational time dilation by presenting any scientific article describing a verified physical measurement as an absolute evidence that the gravitational time dilation is true. See the details in the menu - «The presentation of the project».

There is an interesting hypothesis that gravitational time acceleration is true. The hypothesis of the Effect of Soloshenko-Yanchilin: an atomic frequency (atomic oscillation frequency) is increased in a gravitational field - time goes faster in the field of gravity and the value of Planck’s constant decreases with the increase of the absolute value of the gravitational potential. According to the Effect of Soloshenko-Yanchilin the gravitational time acceleration means that the rate of time is higher near a large mass.

The idea of the project

We state that only a valid measurement of a direct comparison of the clocks readings in conditions of different gravitational potentials will provide a physical fact (direct physical evidence) proving gravitational time dilation or gravitational time acceleration.  

For this purpose we offer the first phase of the scientific high-tech project – the project Time Tower.

The idea of the project Time Tower is to place 2 high-precision atomic clocks in a high tower (in a skyscraper – at the top and at the bottom). To measure the effect of gravitation on the rate of time course, it is necessary to compare the cumulative difference of the atomic clocks readings during several months.

Total budget for the necessary equipment – $ 1 mln. And we invite a venture partner to our startup Zero Gravity Systems to finance the project Time Tower on the basis of 25% company’s share. The project will give the great financial profit to our potential partner (see the details in the presentation and the investment offer). Among other things, in case our potential partner agrees to finance the project, we offer to name the new physical effect by adding the last name of our partner. Now it is the Effect of Soloshenko-Yancilin and we offer to name it - the Effect of Soloshenko-Yanchilin + last name of a Partner.

We also invite all interested scientific centers and experts to monitor the experiment and take part in our scientific program.